About Us

About Us

Our goal at LED Solution is to provide the best quality lighting design at a competitive price. Our team can provide an on-site evaluation to help establish the desired foot candles levels a customer wants. We partner with local electrical contractors to assure smooth installation and warranty satisfaction. Our company offers warranty on materials from five to ten years. Please allow us an opportunity to bring you a superior LED Solution.

We Bring The Solution to You


  • 5 to 10 year warranty on all products
  • United States based suppliers
  • All lights are DLC, UL certified products


  • Labor Warranty
  • Project Management
  • Photo Metrics


  • Energy Conservation Contract
  • Capital Leases
  • Capital Investment

Lighting as a Service

The Lighting as a Service (LAAS) is an all-inclusive subscription based procurement mechanism for comprehensive energy solutions designed to make LED lighting a potential option for any business. Using a pay as you go model eliminates large up-front payments and spreads these costs out over time making it a more affordable and easier to budget.

Benefits include:

  • Single monthly fee for all lighting needs
  • Easy to budget 3-7 year subscriptions
  • Operating expense vs capital investment
  • 3rd party ownership
  • Full maintenance and warranty
  • Includes service plan
  • One call for all lightening needs or issues

We offer a No-Risk Guarantee

Our guarantee is our assurance that your energy system will perform according to the simple list of attributes specified in your contract throughout the subscription term. Together we will define those benefits and the simple list of attributes in order to deliver the desired outcomes and contracted service. If your system fails to meet the functions or services outlined in the contract, LED Solution is responsible for bringing your system back into compliance.

Financing Options

Aside from Capital Investments, we offer leases and lighting as a service. Our lease offerings allow us to take the savings from your project and make you a lease, cashflow positive or cash neutral without out­-of­-pocket investment.

Free Energy Audit for Each One of Your Locations. We will conduct a consultation to discuss energy and maintenance savings.
We will work with you to identify any potential rebates from your local Utility Company. From this information, we will determine the right solution for your location.